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Microbe Formulas is a supplement company founded on the core values of people first, excellence, integrity, extreme ownership and intentional disruption.

Co-founder Dr. Todd Watts spent four years treating Lyme disease and babesiosis, but couldn’t overcome chronic fatigue and other issues. It wasn’t until he learned he had parasites and discovered the effects of BioActive Carbon products that he was able to change his life. Co-founder Dr. Jay Davidson watched his wife struggle with Lyme disease, radiation, parasites, Hashimoto’s disease and other health issues. He pushed himself to come to a new understanding of the protocols and new understanding of the body. They joined together in 2017 to form a supplement company that truly gets to the root cause of chronic issues and simplifies complex conditions.

Microbe Formulas products are backed by science. Our Detox Starter Protocol has proven results, ensuring an effective detox journey. Our scientists are constantly working to create products that provide the best experience possible, covering detox and supplement support for a number of root causes.

Creating supplements that work is what we do. Restoring hope and health is who we are.